right and wrong and somewhere else

I go from hot to cold

poor to rich

One minute people are walking kilometres to get water, women walking with buckets full on their heads

A man of twenty-eight with four wives, and kid with each, telling me he eats Zebu (like a cow) and rice every night, just that

And kids so skinny it makes you sick

To Chanel, Gucci, and Lacoste stores in the airport

jewellery and clothes and bags and belts and $10,000 champagne and more and more and more

fat asses and fatter guts

On the plane this family disgraces humanity (at least in that moment, trying not to judge, but saying it as I think it)

The little girl, “I’m gonna cry if I don’t sit where I want, mama, I’m gonna cry if I sit here…”

she cried on demand

The son about to lose it too. “This is all your stupid fault baby crier, stupid baby.”

Father and mother soft like jello

Son to his father (or stepfather), “it’s your ugly daughters fault, she ruined the whole plan.” He was probably a second away of crying himself

spoiled and poisoned

shopping bags by their feets

parents being the reflection of their children

thus automatically disliking them and losing more respect than any disrespect can go (though they did kiss them at the end of the flight)

I suppose people just have their moments

But honestly…

We have become

or maybe always were


no awareness outside of ourselves

no self-respect

just empty, lifeless pits

of confused scared children

hiding behind stuff

and eating anything that would cover it up

I’m about to snap on this flight

where’s the air Marshall

were packed like sardines

though I would prefer the sardines

and fed comfort till we no longer know

what reality is



into the hand

wiping their asses without toilet paper

Is it just me?

I irk to think (or know) it is…….

or at least not many

at least not openly

my low tolerance brings raging heat to every extremity

my expectations (viewed as high, though everyone else’s, I honestly and deeply feel, is just too low) give no room to live with others

I have no room to live

This ‘taking’ people do

makes me want to murder

I don’t think I’m crazy

I know I am

But what people are afraid to understand is that that doesn’t make me wrong

just means I have to adapt to survive

to feel peace

they say love is the only truth

I say that sometimes too

but people don’t live in this world

love is the truth

there are so many kinds of it you may not at first recognize

and everything is a reflection of self

so all the depressed and lonely and angry artists and people are just angry at themselves?

Aren’t most geniuses depressed and angry?

genius breeds isolation

genius is normally right

But it’s like I said

in order to feel peace you have to adapt

build some kind of tolerance to the bullshit

because no matter how much you’re right

it’s not worth killing yourself over

most of the time

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