Higher Transparency

Stillness is the only thing keeping me steady You are the only person I like Something else clings to my back Replace one addiction with another Pleasure over love leaving nothing under my skin It’s too hard to find these days The dark is true, the bright is too hard to see The truth is […]

Grow Up

Lines to letters, letters to words Will they ever be what we are? Channeling through to the deepest connection with the universe Art is that Since everything is everything You shouldn’t worry about these kinds of things Don’t pay attention to the smoke and mirrors The hollow, the whorey The sick and the sorry Expression […]

That’s one

I have this idea. We humans have done some things right, and some things wrong. We live in a 3D universe, a physical reality. There are ways in which the world behaves. And we have behaved in such ways with this reality and have thus had consequences and benefits play themselves out. These are associated […]

Whxt xre wx?

Headed toward the sun at a rapid pace run run run run run We’re coming! Starving bodies Empty minds Empty dinner plate and glass hurry hurry hirry hirry hrrry ghgyrrryyrryyryryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Feel my rush Pour my body The time is coming where we need no rules coming where we need no shittin borders Hunting is survival […]


I am sitting on the dock Staring out into the water High as the sky Feeling an enormous amount of appreciation for what I have and have lived The bad and the good Both have been equal, in amount Thinking about when we were kids and things were different Not better, not worse, just different […]

Snowing Grey

An excerpt from my new book… “Despite the days of mixed feelings and silence in the cave, the moment where she was now came all too quickly. For the year and change she was with them felt like a lifetime, but with the lies and shame and guilt and simply unfortunate turn of events coming […]