Bowl of Pistachios

This chipmunk is eating pistachios out of my bowl it goes through the shells, licking them for their salt I assume, then stuffs the ones with the nut in its mouth it’s now in the bowl completely it let’s me pet him it climbed up my leg, onto the arm rest, then into the bowl, […]


Looking at my fingers soon they will be no more this entire body will fade become ash, like the taste in my mouth how can we be so small yet feel so much wrapped in these tight bodies wrapped in ourselves though soon they will be no more my fingers will be no more your […]

Here or There

Do we all have purpose? What is purpose? A burden we dare not accept that our lives lack meaning, the only meaning being the ones we create, a human illusion, discarding our lightness of being we love suffering, we love pain, for without it – for most – we are nothing monkeys, eating, shitting and […]

The Only Thing

Dinners with friends make me a happy man dinners with friends are the only reason to be sipping wine, drinking beer, chatter and crackers and cheese what more could you want the dinner table, the backyard, the patio, becoming the only thing that exists dinners with friends come and go, but I stay there, week […]

For some reason

This girl tortures my heart, her beauty pulling at every limb the knowing I will never have her taunting me with only friendship, not even a taste to satisfy my hunger all I get is a smile, a look, and all I feel is something I don’t want to, something that scares me as my […]

How much

Will money set me free, or just imprison me even more will I give more, or just take more for myself, spend more, buy more how much do I need to live happily, how much do I need to have the twilight breaks and their is no change in my soul, only more in my […]


There’s this fly trying to get out How ugly it is, flying around trying to get out It doesn’t know where to go How it got here Where it should go Where it should stay What it is Why it is It’s just trying to get out And the more it does, the uglier it […]

Sugar Pie

Distances shrink, minds wander still, in the heavy marsh we wait For what? We do not know, we do not care As long as there is sugar pie at the end Something to warm our stomachs, from waiting so long and thinking so little