Inner Bbalance

all tied together back and forth side to side into the bottom where my fear and memory hide then up to the top to see those memories grow heading forward and staying still to reap the highs and sow the lows


In the trees a couple feet above a new world as the one a couple feet below the change is how I see where all things are meant to be as it is above so it was below perspective changing everything and everything we think we know


This thing is in the walls and crevices of this room Through the cracked wood and inside the pipes Fine slivers of metal flowing through the body Dissolved already into my shell The paint melts away into nothing The bit of taste I get in hell And it curls my body too waiting for something […]

Enduring Animatixn: Part 5

It smelt like pine; dry, clean, pine. Dust rolled into my nose, causing a flinch. Woozy awahzy ahoozy mahazy, I was fucked up, dude. As if I had my skin peeled back and I’d turned into a pig, ready to be roasted for dinner. My spine touched my belly button. I hadn’t energy for consciousness, […]

Enduring Animation: Part 4

After black and before colour, where do we sleep? When I wake I don’t remember anything. I don’t remember where I am or who. What I am and what I’m not. How I sing and how I rot. Don’t know why the sun is shining through green leaves and off dark water. Don’t know the […]

Enduring Animation: Part 3

The next day I decided to go over. Why not? Just to say hi. I can’t help myself. The dirt road curved through the trees with various turnoffs, driveways, pulling left or right. And in all of one minute I began walking down the Lowdens driveway. Looking forward all you see is the road disappear […]

Enduring Animation: Part 2

“Oh look he’s journaling. I told you, see. I told you. You should try it.” “Who’s that?” “The neighbour.” “The renter?” “Yes.” “Hmm… Yea?” “Journaling will help you get all your anger out.” “Mmm… that’s not for me… Is he? Is he smoking cannabis?” Margaret lifted her nose and smirked. Clouds of smoke then clearly […]

Enduring Animation: Part 1

I don’t know where to start. But with the feeling. It was. Beautiful. Like daises on a sunset river. Flowers singing in the air. I never felt at home like I felt up there. The trees sung too with shades all prime and rosy. Like cheeks blushing for kisses. Smoldering for spanks. Dreamin’ down lazy […]