Whxt xre wx?

Headed toward the sun at a rapid pace run run run run run We’re coming! Starving bodies Empty minds Empty dinner plate and glass hurry hurry hirry hirry hrrry ghgyrrryyrryyryryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Feel my rush Pour my body The time is coming where we need no rules coming where we need no shittin borders Hunting is survival […]


I am sitting on the dock Staring out into the water High as the sky Feeling an enormous amount of appreciation for what I have and have lived The bad and the good Both have been equal, in amount Thinking about when we were kids and things were different Not better, not worse, just different […]

Snowing Grey

An excerpt from my new book… “Despite the days of mixed feelings and silence in the cave, the moment where she was now came all too quickly. For the year and change she was with them felt like a lifetime, but with the lies and shame and guilt and simply unfortunate turn of events coming […]


“We say that a thing cannot be understood until it is known by all four aspects of our being: mind, body, emotion, and spirit.” Robin Wall Kimmerer; Gathering Moss Today, gaining understanding and knowledge of the mind is easy and highly accessible the body, somewhat similar but most lack understanding in the emotion and spiritual […]

Nature (Us)

Working at a hardware store, you get to see things that give you perspective. Working in the garden center of a hardware store, you get to see more. I am sure this place is some sort of kingdom, and, or movie. It is surely the most honest place in the world. People, living and buying […]


Things are beginning to happen Behind the scenes the movement is continuous Life of all kinds in an orb of nutriment Swimming swimming, dancing, playing Jumping, falling, running, sitting We are changing with the seasons We are her She is us That’s something we all seem to lose track of Only few live with it […]


Imagine a world without boundaries Where birds fly above, and carbon swims below Moss covers the ground, and the deer hear to know Cracks from the sticks, ruffle from the branches Life is happening all around Feet are in the ground Greens of heaven softly twist in the wind, over around, a quiet sound To […]