Let’s dance together Returning the cabinet and sofa Working in and out Over and under Influencing the feeling Changing my thoughts and leaving most behind, trailing me like dogs eager to jump on my back and claw the shit out of it Scared to speak Weak compared to a blue bird Your very presence filtering […]

Over it

Willingly going to my downfall For no reason at all, really. Other than it excites me Disconnected is no longer a word that suits it Not many do Other than over it Other than addicted In a place where no one can see but you No matter how hard you try The difference is being […]

Blue Trenches

Edges of tither roll through and through The way we are is the way we are Why leave anything up to chance, to reason No matter where this is, no matter where you are The stars know all there is Sold my soul to the wizard To enchant something we can’t understand Unless we already […]

Understands Me

If I never think someone understands me how can I stop being alone? tears drip on the page circles around the eyes on a thin line toward a downward spiral a small hope appears and my dreams give way to aspirations of glorious feats experiences relationships my mind wanders and lives in these moments but […]

My Own

I I I I Me Me Me Me I suffocate in my own saliva I think about myself all the time how everyone thinks of me why everyone doesn’t do things the way I do them or the way I expected how no one gets what I say, what I write because no one’s me […]

Destined For Something

I thought I was destined for greatness something more than what I have no one ever told me I was it was rather the lack of that created the feeling inside that told me How can’t I be? I don’t know I don’t know why I don’t know anything I thought I was destined for […]


Ancient waters flow freely, under a glass ceiling. So thick barely any light escapes. It moves beneath your feet, independent from everything thing else, a constant migration. Independent from you, from your thoughts, and feelings. It does not care, it does not stop, it does not feel. It just does things. One of the biggest […]

Bowl of Pistachios

This chipmunk is eating pistachios out of my bowl it goes through the shells, licking them for their salt I assume, then stuffs the ones with the nut in its mouth it’s now in the bowl completely it let’s me pet him it climbed up my leg, onto the arm rest, then into the bowl, […]


Looking at my fingers soon they will be no more this entire body will fade become ash, like the taste in my mouth how can we be so small yet feel so much wrapped in these tight bodies wrapped in ourselves though soon they will be no more my fingers will be no more your […]