It’s Okay

Losing myself again is so thrilling Though I am no longer the boy I once was So we’ll calm it down Lay the sheets Water the flowers Nestle the pillows on early mornings Searching for yourself is hard work We should have learnt some in school Instead of having to make it up as you […]


All this is reprehensible Depends on what you deem feasible Realistic Unremarkable Without limits Unimaginable To what you seek and reason with There is no reason within it Depends on what you feel reasonable Reason pushing us all forward Fictitious or fact Now all the same All depends on what we’re able to do What […]


Does anyone else feel trapped? Like your phone has more control over you than you do? Or that the job your in takes more than it gives? Trapped may not be the best word, as there seems to be a separation between you and the other thing, but yet still it feels enclosing, like you’re […]


Rejoice in getting old. The days grow brighter and the nights become longer but shorter than the days. Things don’t get much harder, nor do they get easier. Rejoice in getting old. As the sugar is sweeter and the kisses more tender. Getting old should not come with signs of grief. It should be lived […]


Quick! I’ve got the solution! The thing you’re looking for, I have found it! No time to waste! In three easy steps you can get everything you want! But only if you act now! After years of painful research, I have combobulated a formula to help you get you what you want faster and quicker […]

The Easy Way Forward

We are bred to take the easy way forward. To save energy – physically and mentally. Our surviving hunter-gatherer forbearers have provided us with this evolutionary feature. Where saving somehow turned into what’s easier. We consort to hosts of easily accessible mental biases, like categorizing people and places so that they’re easier to remember and judge. […]