Quick! I’ve got the solution! The thing your looking for, I have found it! No time to waste! In three easy steps you can get everything you want! But only if you act now! After years of painful research, I have combobulated a formula to help you get you what you want faster and quicker […]

The Easy Way Forward

We are bred to take the easy way forward. To save energy – physically and mentally. Our surviving hunter-gatherer forbearers have provided us with this evolutionary feature. Where saving somehow turned into what’s easier. We consort to hosts of easily accessible mental biases, like categorizing people and places so that they’re easier to remember and judge. […]


Be yourself Until timber rots Everybody wants what they are not No more hiding from made up beliefs From made up notions About you and your feelings Though how pretty they are? So pretty So nice And pretty Look how pretty How beautiful We all hope to be

None; Can’t Rush

You can’t rush perfection… You… have… to… take… your.. time… Because if you rush it you’ll fuck it up You can’t rush perfection… ”’Don’t you see that’s what I’m trying to do here What is perfection? What is perfection? Who are you? Try to seek it when you want to To do what you will […]

I Wish

I don’t want to grow up I don’t want to grow old I just want to stay right here Please freeze me in time With ream and rhyme This moment I wish to stay In any way As long as it’s still Lacking momentum and will Down to the deepest root Cold like me and […]

At Least

Everything is cold Everything except my thumb and index finger Which are red hot The snow is cold The air is cold My heart is… My heart is beautiful Spending time with you makes it At least feels it Down the alley and through the mountains I dream, eat and breathe you Like I you […]