you can become so cut off you never want to come back forget love happiness sadness fear sometimes you’re just no longer here so much you never want to come back far the stars and planets are more something than here than you and definitely more than me


it’s the silence Everything you see is still Everything you don’t begins to move inward cyclical rapidly everything starts to become part of you until there’s no room left and then some it’s the silence that makes my ears ring allowing my thoughts to arise all of them the silence is a virus when alone […]


ride it out till nothings left we are human animals just hold on and when it’s empty nothing but dust and flies it will refill we are human animals we are connected we create the bubble of disconnection illusory so ride it out how you want and when it feels like nothing’s left there’s always […]

Too Loud to Hear

it’s unfortunate the loud drown out the room the quiet are left behind where the blabbering buffoons blibber their buffling till they bluster boisterously asleep then do it all over “I have something to say” talk talk talk it’s unfortunate the quiet have to listen to their shit it’s unfortunate because the quiets are the […]

Feel like

Don’t know how to say what I want pressure burns outward for release something more like freedom trying to become realized or just be felt and sustained because I feel I need to I feel like I feel like I feel so much so that I feel nothing suppression then depression thankfully I’ve learned to […]

Borrowing Everything

most thinking is just nothing try and think of something nothing comes up but just sitting waiting the stars light up everything I mean everything comes rushing in fast I try it’s blank I don’t it’s full but sometimes or most of the time it doesn’t feel like it’s mine

A simple flip

If you just flip the switch make a choice be brave not fearful but loving scared and loving Brave enough to endure unreasonable pain that seemingly comes from nowhere and for no reason (though there always is) If you pull back the curtain and see yourself in ‘now’ suddenly miraculously everything becomes Brighter

What goes…

Butterfly’s stuck on the wall This place is bizarre Influenced, how much I do not know, by my perspective and where I am As where you are Blind from the fog But keep moving forward Avoid before So that now never happens No way to live Or to die Time to choose so you don’t […]

Just fcking Look

there was this guy tripping hard Tweaking Hard dirty slurring and screaming on the corner of Main and East yelling and blabbering nonsense I’m a little nervous walking up He screams again then looks at me and points at a spot on the floor, still looking at me I’m a little high too so I […]