Playing with Snow

While driving I came across this wonderful feeling. Passing by a school, on a day when school was closed, I saw three kids playing in the snow. The small melted piles of white, sparkled with mud, lay holding on to their former larger selves from the snowfall yesterday. The kids too remembered the previous day […]


Ancient waters flow freely, under a glass ceiling. So thick barely any light escapes. It moves beneath your feet, independent from everything thing else, a constant migration. Independent from you, from your thoughts, and feelings. It does not care, it does not stop, it does not feel. It just does things. One of the biggest […]

Bowl of Pistachios

This chipmunk is eating pistachios out of my bowl it goes through the shells, licking them for their salt I assume, then stuffs the ones with the nut in its mouth it’s now in the bowl completely it let’s me pet him it climbed up my leg, onto the arm rest, then into the bowl, […]

Here or There

Do we all have purpose? What is purpose? A burden we dare not accept that our lives lack meaning, the only meaning being the ones we create, a human illusion, discarding our lightness of being we love suffering, we love pain, for without it – for most – we are nothing monkeys, eating, shitting and […]