it’s the silence Everything you see is still Everything you don’t begins to move inward cyclical rapidly everything starts to become part of you until there’s no room left and then some it’s the silence that makes my ears ring allowing my thoughts to arise all of them the silence is a virus when alone […]

Deciding Decisions

What am I looking for? Is anything looking for me? What keeps me going? What if connection again falls through the grate the choice’s always wrong the boulder always pushing back I always going uphill I hate it Until I don’t As life goes on In a trap of time held down and together by […]

Higher Transparency

Stillness is the only thing keeping me steady You are the only person I like Something else clings to my back Replace one addiction with another Pleasure over love leaving nothing under my skin It’s too hard to find these days The dark is true, the bright is too hard to see The truth is […]

Grow Up

Lines to letters, letters to words Will they ever be what we are? Channeling through to the deepest connection with the universe Art is that Since everything is everything You shouldn’t worry about these kinds of things Don’t pay attention to the smoke and mirrors The hollow, the whorey The sick and the sorry Expression […]