Through You, I Must

Understand only through feeling…

Say it? Can’t hear you

Describe? Won’t get it

Express? Maybe

Truth or dare? Nevermind…

Only when felt

I do you

Feelings now turning into a relic

Seeing no more alike

So I dream you

I say you

I got no more says to give

No more sense

No more worries

Just hold me here

I see you

I see true

I feel true

I feel you

All night I want to ,,

no longer alone in this forever circle

Perception is our world

I can create whatever I want

Perception influences everything

if I want it too

I am a strange loop

like these words – nothing and everything all at once

Everything around everywhere. Every. Every. Around.

Nothing but truth

Or however you wish to perceive it

Be more in the present

Because tomorrow, you’ll wish you did

You’re only you, right now, once

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