This is all fiction. … … “Hi, my name’s Jason, what’s yours?” “Oh hi, uh, my name’s Christy,” she says. “Nice to meet you, Christy… What program are you in?” “Finance.” “Nice,” I say with as much enthusiasm as I could even though the conversation was drier than a dead ninety-year-old woman’s beaver. The conversation […]

A Mental Health Story: Part 1

“Hello?” “Hi.” “Hello?” “Yes, hello. Can you hear me?” “Yes, I hear you…. So… How’s it going?” “Oh. Yeah it’s okay. Not doing too great but I’m managing, I think.” “Hello?” “Yes! I’m here, hello. Hello, can you hear me?” “Yes, I hear you. So, how’s it going?” “It’s going okay.” “How have you been […]