Feel like

Don’t know how to say what I want pressure burns outward for release something more like freedom trying to become realized or just be felt and sustained because I feel I need to I feel like I feel like I feel so much so that I feel nothing suppression then depression thankfully I’ve learned to […]

Nature (Us)

Working at a hardware store, you get to see things that give you perspective. Working in the garden center of a hardware store, you get to see more. I am sure this place is some sort of kingdom, and, or movie. It is surely the most honest place in the world. People, living and buying […]

The Easy Way Forward

We are bred to take the easy way forward. To save energy – physically and mentally. Our surviving hunter-gatherer forbearers have provided us with this evolutionary feature. Where saving somehow turned into what’s easier. We consort to hosts of easily accessible mental biases, like categorizing people and places so that they’re easier to remember and judge. […]