Petting Dogs

Why do we allow people to pet our dogs? It’s more than just a common occurrence, it’s infectious. I’ve seen plenty of people allowing strangers to pet their dogs. And henceforth, a lot of people asking to pet strangers dogs. This is the COVID era people – maintain 6ft distance and keep your goddamn mask over your nose too -, you’re supposed to sanitize at every sliding door from Toronto to Oshawa. Shaking hands is a no no. And for some reason petting a stranger’s dog okay; rubbing its ears, its chin, scratching its back, its bum, with the dog loving every moment of it. That person’s hands are going all over your dog and then your dog is gonna be all over you when you get home. The train of reason.

What’s the risk level? I don’t know. Depends on your comfort level. I’d rate it medium to low, but I wouldn’t let a stranger touch my dog. People in the bubble for sure, people out of the bubble, yea, no thank you. Who knows where those hands have been.

There seems to be this allowance, however, of people petting other people’s dogs, and they’re all okay with it. Some of them even want you to pet their dog. As they are unfortunately lonely as hell and would love to talk to someone other than someone who slobbers and licks their — all day. This exchange is a special occurrence in the COVID era. An exchange like they happened before the masks and watered-down rubbing alcohol.

This sort of leniency for fellow dog lovers represents a unique human feature. Social interaction. It shows how much we love each other. It shows how much we need each other. For community and discussions, and giving, and sharing, and loving, and hugging, and kissing, and eating with, and for meeting, learning, receiving, smiling, and laughter. We have so much in us that we need. It is in us and every other. Opened with the key of another. A furry friend with a wagging tail to help amend this longing. For these are troubling times to be a human. Easier than ever in some, more difficult than ever in others.

Thankfully, we can still pet dogs, for life would be abysmal without it.

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