Grow Up

Lines to letters, letters to words

Will they ever be what we are?

Channeling through to the deepest connection with the universe

Art is that

Since everything is everything

You shouldn’t worry about these kinds of things

Don’t pay attention to the smoke and mirrors

The hollow, the whorey

The sick and the sorry

Expression is the medicine of the gods

Drink it in and spit it back out, then drink in some more

All things special lay within you and me

The brush and the pen are communicators with the rest

Still to be beautiful and special, but of a world so familiar it lay unrecognizable

Tools to the other side

This lack of honesty will stand no more

Fall with brittle legs

Lies lay waste to the bottom

We’re all here for a feeling

Nothing less nothing more

To feel your touch and have the whispers penetrate my soul

Here we are with art being the letter for everything else

And if you don’t see that

And if you don’t feel that

Well, then, grow up

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