I am sitting on the dock

Staring out into the water

High as the sky

Feeling an enormous amount of appreciation for what I have and have lived

The bad and the good

Both have been equal, in amount

Thinking about when we were kids and things were different

Not better, not worse, just different

Those were good times

And these are going to be too

As I’m feeling this amount of joy from this appreciation (when you appreciate you just feel happy, that’s why they say to do it, I guess)

I swear this is the honest truth

As I thought about how much I’m going to miss my parents when they’re gone

Two, or maybe just one – but most likely two – hummingbirds come into vision to my left

I feel my sadness and love for my mother and father, I see myself old, them too, then gone

And then these hummingbirds appear

Then one starts swooping down and below a young sapling, into the forest, then back into sight, swooping back down into the trees, at the top of its left pendulum, and then swooping back into sight

And making this beautiful sound, I don’t even know how to describe it, every time it went to the bottom of its swoop, right behind the sapling where I can’t see it for just a moment

That is where I think the second one stayed

Either they were playing or mating or it was just the one doing it – which would be perhaps even more amazing – because that was no usual pattern it was making, to the point where I lost count – mainly because I was so in awe

The chirp was darling

Then it/they flew away

And I said thank you

That’s all I needed

For now

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