Snowing Grey

An excerpt from my new book…

“Despite the days of mixed feelings and silence in the cave, the moment where she was now came all too quickly. For the year and change she was with them felt like a lifetime, but with the lies and shame and guilt and simply unfortunate turn of events coming to light, she was dropped to the snow in an instant. And though it was her choice, there was no sanctity. A part of her will always be left in that cave. And to speak freely, that’s part of life. Part of life for those who live honestly. Pieces being dropped here and there, left behind for those whom it was shared with, arisen with, sparked by. It may not be, but often is, a piece of love that is left – in the space or people or person. For you take some of it with you but never the whole thing. And as one drops and leaves these pieces of themselves, at first you feel shallow. You notice you’re not full. Though as time passes, as it will for us forever, it begins to heal the empty spaces. The emptiness starts to become full again. It fills up like a cup of water. The pieces left behind are but fragments from a river that flows forever – eternal. For it first feels like you’re losing pieces of yourself… when you are really just discovering more.”

P.S. Snowing Grey is not the title of the book.

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