“We say that a thing cannot be understood until it is known by all four aspects of our being: mind, body, emotion, and spirit.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer; Gathering Moss

Today, gaining understanding and knowledge of the mind is easy and highly accessible

the body, somewhat similar

but most lack understanding in the emotion and spiritual realms

therefore, they do not truly understand

they have no real knowledge

then there are the ones who understand nothing at all

which is, depending on your makeup, either heaven or a living hell

but those who seek more, seek true knowledge and understanding, there are ways to do it

to understand and learn more, to learn fully

and with this knowledge comes not only power

but so much more

it itself is the more you seek

and the power it brings is not power over others, futile and pathetic

it is power over oneself

and that is more valuable than anything

it is more loving and kind than everything

because knowledge is love, not information

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