Nature (Us)

Working at a hardware store, you get to see things that give you perspective. Working in the garden center of a hardware store, you get to see more. I am sure this place is some sort of kingdom, and, or movie. It is surely the most honest place in the world. People, living and buying […]


Things are beginning to happen Behind the scenes the movement is continuous Life of all kinds in an orb of nutriment Swimming swimming, dancing, playing Jumping, falling, running, sitting We are changing with the seasons We are her She is us That’s something we all seem to lose track of Only few live with it […]


Imagine a world without boundaries Where birds fly above, and carbon swims below Moss covers the ground, and the deer hear to know Cracks from the sticks, ruffle from the branches Life is happening all around Feet are in the ground Greens of heaven softly twist in the wind, over around, a quiet sound To […]


time rushes past before we even know what’s happened time rushes past before we even know what it is thinking it is wasted by minutes when we waste hours every day by being crude, it is wasted by being selfish, it is thinned we take for granted everything we do not see and everything in […]


Does anyone else feel trapped? Like your phone has more control over you than you do? Or that the job your in takes more than it gives? Trapped may not be the best word, as there seems to be a separation between you and the other thing, but yet still it feels enclosing, like you’re […]


Rejoice in getting old. The days grow brighter and the nights become longer but shorter than the days. Things don’t get much harder, nor do they get easier. Rejoice in getting old. As the sugar is sweeter and the kisses more tender. Getting old should not come with signs of grief. It should be lived […]


Quick! I’ve got the solution! The thing you’re looking for, I have found it! No time to waste! In three easy steps you can get everything you want! But only if you act now! After years of painful research, I have combobulated a formula to help you get you what you want faster and quicker […]