Inner Bbalance

all tied together back and forth side to side into the bottom where my fear and memory hide then up to the top to see those memories grow heading forward and staying still to reap the highs and sow the lows


In the trees a couple feet above a new world as the one a couple feet below the change is how I see where all things are meant to be as it is above so it was below perspective changing everything and everything we think we know


This thing is in the walls and crevices of this room Through the cracked wood and inside the pipes Fine slivers of metal flowing through the body Dissolved already into my shell The paint melts away into nothing The bit of taste I get in hell And it curls my body too waiting for something […]

Deciding Decisions

What am I looking for? Is anything looking for me? What keeps me going? What if connection again falls through the grate the choice’s always wrong the boulder always pushing back I always going uphill I hate it Until I don’t As life goes on In a trap of time held down and together by […]


Something following Unsure Do they carry forward Or stay behind It’s funny to see them reappear Beyond irony And into fog Solitude into vanity Vanity to void Amazingly horrible Something you must feel Because I want you to feel what I feel Take ‘ave me Substitute or solution I don’t know or care One must […]

Higher Transparency

Stillness is the only thing keeping me steady You are the only person I like Something else clings to my back Replace one addiction with another Pleasure over love leaving nothing under my skin It’s too hard to find these days The dark is true, the bright is too hard to see The truth is […]