Things are beginning to happen Behind the scenes the movement is continuous Life of all kinds in an orb of nutriment Swimming swimming, dancing, playing Jumping, falling, running, sitting We are changing with the seasons We are her She is us That’s something we all seem to lose track of Only few live with it […]


Imagine a world without boundaries Where birds fly above, and carbon swims below Moss covers the ground, and the deer hear to know Cracks from the sticks, ruffle from the branches Life is happening all around Feet are in the ground Greens of heaven softly twist in the wind, over around, a quiet sound To […]


I want to love you in all kinds of ways I want to see everything I can Since it will be over too soon Connection is where we find our value I want to feel all of it The experience of a lifetime Through the lens of a person I see myself I see you […]


time rushes past before we even know what’s happened time rushes past before we even know what it is thinking it is wasted by minutes when we waste hours every day by being crude, it is wasted by being selfish, it is thinned we take for granted everything we do not see and everything in […]

This Dream

It’s like there’s a cap on my brain as if a stopper was put on and I’m full of pressure like I’m an explosion but the toxins are sweet as they churn in my belly waiting to roar though I am immediately brought back to the room and out of my head and the fact […]

Order & Chaos

As if this whole things a balancing act Finding solace when its in the middle Constantly pulling and pushing as we react To our Being that slowly grows and whittles Spread my heart thin Spread my mind wide As my soul will make up for what I will and will not try This game is […]

What Do I Say

I suppose I should write something Though I know not what to say Perhaps I’ve said all there is Perhaps that’s it Then now I say all the same things over and over again until you understand Until you get it But all that must matter is our awareness What we’re conscious of As I […]

It’s Okay

Losing myself again is so thrilling Though I am no longer the boy I once was So we’ll calm it down Lay the sheets Water the flowers Nestle the pillows on early mornings Searching for yourself is hard work We should have learnt some in school Instead of having to make it up as you […]