Here or There

Do we all have purpose?

What is purpose?

A burden

we dare not accept that our lives lack meaning, the only meaning being the ones we create, a human illusion, discarding our lightness of being

we love suffering, we love pain, for without it – for most – we are nothing

monkeys, eating, shitting and fucking

This life is so long, I wait for it to end, to see, to accept this belief

right before, I will know, in my heart, that it all didn’t matter, and… I’ll be okay with that

any regrets will be superfluous, all worries erased

the only disturbance being that I wish I didn’t worry so much while I was alive

like an evil conundrum, existing here or there but never in unity, never visible

a complete human characteristic and curse

it is all either here or there, even if it isn’t

and that’s all we’re going to be able to see it as

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