Bowl of Pistachios

This chipmunk is eating pistachios out of my bowl

it goes through the shells, licking them for their salt I assume, then stuffs the ones with the nut in its mouth

it’s now in the bowl completely

it let’s me pet him

it climbed up my leg, onto the arm rest, then into the bowl, the cute little bastard

all he’s focused on is finding a pistachio though

I shoo him away but he still comes back

now looking over my notepad with paws on the brim, now back in the bowl

I wonder if he has feelings

if he has created a bond with me, some sort of affection, but he’s probably really only trying to find food

I threw the shells away, we’ll see if he comes back

Do we just make up feelings for animals

why do we have feelings

so many

why are we different?

or are we even different at all

he came back

doesn’t let me pet him though

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