Does anyone else feel trapped? Like your phone has more control over you than you do? Or that the job your in takes more than it gives? Trapped may not be the best word, as there seems to be a separation between you and the other thing, but yet still it feels enclosing, like you’re in a bubble. There are far worse bubbles to be in, sure, but for some reason that knowledge doesn’t help alleviate how uncomfortable it is. How itchy it gets.

This separation is the same separation you now have with yourself, if in this bubble. You are the bubble and you are the person inside. All of these external things ruling who you are, telling you what to say and think and feel and be. Telling you things constantly, an incessant bloviating of what’s better and what works, separating you from yourself. Let us put these things aside, for they will never, never, show you who you are. Only you can, and that is the beauty as well as the horror behind all of this. Only you can.

Let’s just wait and see if it happens…

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