This Dream

It’s like there’s a cap on my brain

as if a stopper was put on and I’m full of pressure

like I’m an explosion

but the toxins are sweet

as they churn in my belly

waiting to roar

though I am immediately brought back to the room and out of my head

and the fact that I am alone tonight

in this room

your heart in my soul

the fact that I’m alone should not worry you

this is an important experience of life

this is a uniqueness all its own

very few, if any, experience what you do

this exposure to my soul

you are unique, in every way

you are loved

not by me, but by her

forever and ever

in this dream together

How can you understand

having never gone through

mind, body, emotion, and spirit

having never felt

it’s easy to see face

it’s hard to see you

to see truth

for that is all I really care for

it is the sweet and divine

it is the sweet red wine

it is the gravity of my soul

it is the strength to let go

as we all reap what we sow

as we all live and die

wondering the reasons why

why should you even try

because you can

you are able

experience all that you can

for that is all there really is

and skip the bloody bad ones

they’re loads of lies and shit

so love yourself and others

tree and mammal

honest and loving

easy and hard

who knows what cards you’ll be dealt

but it doesn’t matter

as long as it doesn’t make you sadder

as long as it is true

and hopefully, eventually, you will feel joy

and everything as it should be

this dream I have for you

of you

it is everything you could ever imagine

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