This thing is in the walls and crevices of this room

Through the cracked wood and inside the pipes

Fine slivers of metal flowing through the body

Dissolved already into my shell

The paint melts away into nothing

The bit of taste I get in hell

And it curls my body too waiting for something to grip

So I take and a chance and sip

Assurance that everything is as good as everything will get

Because when I look at it all

Instead of focusing on the small

I see that everything is everything

And that brings me peace

That helps me sleep

To know that’s all we’ll ever be

Or ever are

Sets no limits

There is nothing stopping our reality except ourselves

Except our perception

Because we are animals


Sent to heaven

To create a hell

With no reason

And nothing to tell

We create what we are

For nor the poor nor well

Can feel what I have to say

Because no matter what I sell

I cannot recreate my cards or the hand that I’m delt

Full house and stacked chips

This being a rosehip with black lips

Holding to a lover to survive it

Hair my colour and the way she reacts when

I look at her funny

She calls me a dummy

A baby in her tummy

Turn me over softly

Imagination costly

Mind numbing likely

Always circling all the gravy

Should have joined the navy

Or hopped on a train or something

Because four walls always close in

When something is pulling them together

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