Just fcking Look

there was this guy tripping hard




slurring and screaming

on the corner of Main and East

yelling and blabbering nonsense

I’m a little nervous walking up

He screams again then looks at me

and points at a spot on the floor, still looking at me

I’m a little high too so I follow along, trying to blend in, not be a threat type thing

I look where he points then back at him

He screams, or more like a yelp this time, and points again elsewhere on the cement

I look there then back at him

then again

more times than I remember

I begin to wonder if people are watching and thinking I’m with him

Finally he throws both hands up and screams at the sky, grabbing his hair and pulling

eyes red


And I think it’s time to go

I walk away

some further screams behind me

I guess I didn’t see it

or get it

what he was pointing at

probably never will

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