What else really matters?

After all your dreams have either failed or succeeded. After you’ve gotten everything or had everything taken away. After your thoughts have subsided into mere whims on what you want and what you are looking for. When you get what you want and realize it still doesn’t fill the void. When the bad days come knocking and stand in the doorway, blocking any escape. After you are lied to. After you are loved. When you are given a second chance. Or when you are given no chance at all. The stars twinkle and the days are long. Through all the emotions you can think of, as well as none of them at all. When we forget. When we remember. When we are so focused on ourselves. With all the money in the world. All the power and strength and beauty and appeal and sex and drugs and thrills. After you’ve given your last effort or idea or feeling or breath. After you’ve seen all the bad and all the good. And the material and the spiritual. When the smoke settles and the fog clears, the only thing that is going to matter to you… are people and the relationships you have with them.

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