Imagine a world without boundaries

Where birds fly above, and carbon swims below

Moss covers the ground, and the deer hear to know

Cracks from the sticks, ruffle from the branches

Life is happening all around

Feet are in the ground

Greens of heaven softly twist in the wind, over around, a quiet sound

To see where we come from, connection unbelievable

A steward and student, a balance unachievable by one

Moving forward toward forever

Screaming and crying did nothing

Only together can we do it

Diversity in all and everything else

Then imagine another place

Toward greed, lies, and jealousy, and foggy blind clarity

A survival of the fittest

With bloody ends and gruesome face

A very very scary place

This new world it cannot be

It all depends on who we’ll be

And what we need to live in balance

With ourselves and everything else

We choose this path that unfolds before us

To bring back love and faith in people

A steward, a student, a balance unachievable by one

In acting out what we know

Embodying our beliefs

And imagining our dreams

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