Things are beginning to happen

Behind the scenes the movement is continuous

Life of all kinds in an orb of nutriment

Swimming swimming, dancing, playing

Jumping, falling, running, sitting

We are changing with the seasons

We are her

She is us

That’s something we all seem to lose track of

Only few live with it in mind

And thus they live free

And happy

I see them and they know something we don’t

An answer we cannot see

Words we cannot hear

Human we are, no more

Changed into something else

Something different

Something hard

And difficult

Yet when her beauty shines, you are the month of May

Subconscious awakenings

Lighting up the eyes and filling the heart

Then soon forgotten or never felt again or never felt at all

This earth we are

And we this chipmunk, and moose and deer and beaver and woodpecker and blue jay and beech and maple and sapling and mosquito and dragonfly and spider and snake and frog.

Eyes lie to survive

This is the only way

And sometimes

There is love in the lie

Because all we meant was respect, all we meant was compassion

To hurt another is to hurt oneself – as someone has probably once said

It is unnatural and therefore unnourishing

It is not free to jump in the water, though it is cheaper than most think

And not at all with the payment we normally use

It is a piece of you

Scary to give up

But soon replaced without ever noticing

The movement refills us

It is us

Let’s not fail to remember this time

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